Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tweets for the Tweet

For those of you exploring the seamy digital underbelly of social networks, EUAP now has a Twitter profile. Follow it @euap.

There is also a hashtag #euap that you can include in tweets relating to this group.

For those of you trying to enforce some kind of order on this chaos, check out TweetDeck, iTweet (for iPhones), Twidget (Mac OS), and Twitterfox (add-in for Firefox).

Finally, if you're still wondering what it's all for and why you should bother, check out the following links:

Thursday, February 12, 2009 Review

I just explored the ArtsManager website and like most the more people who are committed to participating, the better it is.

Here is a little summary:
1. The site provides a weekly news roundup. It is nice to have an organized group of articles about relevant topics all on one site.
2. The site has a discussion board. For the most part, I feel discussion boards are all the same and are generally only as good as the people who actually post on them, but this one (as an internationally promoted site) has the potential to be an amazing resource for arts managers. I would hope over time, arts managers from all over the world can provide input to questions posted by emerging or established professionals - the diversity and the breadth of knowledge would be invaluable.
3. The Resource Center. Alas, it is currently pretty thin but here's hoping for an abundance of valuable resources! Another part of the website that has the potential to be great.
4. The Surveys. Ever have a question about something like "what are your membership benefits" for another organization? Now you don't have to make an intern look up the phone numbers or e-mails for all of the people you want to ask, you can just post a survey on this website and get responses.

There were a few not-so-good things about it:
1. Holy navigation problems Batman! Click here, go here, click there, go to the same here...weird and a little eerie. I almost felt like I was meant to be reading something on that page. Like most websites, the kinks just need to be worked out
2. Not enough people participating......yet.

I would be interested in hearing everybody's thoughts once they explore the site!



This was included in the NYS Alliance for Arts Education e-newsletter and may be of interest: is a resource for current and future arts managers, board members, and students who seek real solutions to management challenges faced by many not-for-profit arts organizations. Features of this site include news updates, discussion boards, KC President Michael Kaiser’s bi-weekly blog, and a resource center to provide practical advice for busy arts managers.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hi folks-

I was over-exuberant in my hashtag excitement. I had it up and running for a day, and it made a bungled mess.

Refer to the previous post, but ignore everything about twitterfeed - still a good service, just not for that. If you're tweeting, you can still use the hashtag...

I'm slightly out of my league...

Posted by Chris Casquilho

February Networking Meeting Announced

Hi Emerging Upstate Arts Professionals,

This month, the Emerging Upstate Arts Professionals are heading north! UpstArt has generously invited us to attend their Valentine’s Day Peep Show – A Juried Erotic Art Show and Valentine's Day Party, featuring work by Jonathan Becker, David Thurlow, Erin Lonergan, and other area artists. Food, spirits, live music, costumes! Network and mingle with artists, arts professionals, lovers of art and everybody in between!

Here are the details:

February Networking Meeting

When: Saturday, February 14, 2009: 7:00pm - ? (this Saturday!)
Where: The UpstArt Gallery @ The Rusty Matcutter
21 Cooper St. Suite 301, 3rd Floor
Glens Falls, NY

Want to know more about UpstArt?
You can find them on MySpace and Facebook or visit the Rusty Matcutter website:

UpstArt is a not for profit contemporary arts organization, formed one year ago for the purpose of bringing together the contemporary arts community and the upstate New York community. Our organization seeks to promote visual arts, music, writing and theatre while serving our local communities by hosting charity events and art openings, as well as a place to come together and share ideas. We work in a cooperative, networking capacity and are thoroughly respectful and conscious of our impact on our surroundings.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey, man, can I tweet your hashtag?

It a really bad come on, or maybe a script for a grungy-vice-cop TV pilot.

But it's not! Tweeting a hashtag is the wave of the future. Moreover, it's the wave of our future.

For those of you unfamiliar, check out Twitter for the basic mechanics of the platform.

Once you're signed up and running, check out this commentary on hashtags.

Also read this.

If you want to follow the #euap hashtag via SMS on your cell phone, you'll need to:

1. register for twitterfeed
2. follow the following rss: UPDATE: Twitterfeed doesn't work well for this application...wouldn't recommend it - Chris Casquilho

Then, start following #euap for tweets of earth-shattering importance!

Some of this is a little foggy feeling at first - but that seems to be the nature of these things. There's been a lot of learn-as-you-go and wiki-style help features. This might not be the end product, but it's the way of things for now. If you're looking for clear answers, social media isn't for you. But then again, where else are you getting clear answers...