Thursday, January 22, 2009

Digital a-go-go

Hey gang!

There's a whole lot of talk out there about Twitter, Skype, Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and sites being launched right this minute that will change how we communicate and do business.

Being the arts professionals of today and the arts executives of tomorrow, we had better get a handle on them. I've been trying to keep up, and it is daunting to be sure. I've read advice like "you should be using at least five of the seven social media sites" or "you don't have to do everything, just do one thing right" etc.

I agree that one should focus one's energies on what one can do well - but if we're going to talk the talk, we should walk the walk. I've got my blog set up to twitter my twitter followers when I make a new post...whoa! My blog also posts to Facebook, and my Twitter updates my Facebook status. My company has a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

Who cares? Well, if I'm heading to my Emerging Upsate Arts Professionals meeting, or attending the gallery opening of a steering committee member I can twitter it from my phone which will stick it on facebook for me, and everyone tuned in will slap their heads, grab their coats, and run (not walk) to the event. I can go home and blog about what a great time we all had and what miraculous insights we gained thereby, and everyone who missed it will get to partake in some measure of the fruits.

I throw the following gauntlet to those of you who consider yourselves the next generation of arts leaders...

Even if you don't use them regularly, you should set up an account in the following:
1. Twitter
2. Skype
3. Facebook
4. Blogger (so you can set up blog following, even if you don't write one.)

Furthermore, I would like to see the members of this group:
1. Subscribe to this blog - use rss, add it to your facebook, subscribe via email, or whatever.
2. Join the Facebook group Emerging Upstate Arts Professionals.
3. Set up a Skype account and add all the Emerging Arts Professionals you can find.

Finally, as a test, I ask all Emerging Upstate Arts Professionals to have a Twitter account set up by the time of our next meeting on February 12. We'll see if we can't orchestrate a mass tweat and start up the list.

posted by Chris Casquilho


Stacey B said...

I have found Linded In to be a fantastic resource for staying connected to other professionals in the arts industry. Is someone will to start and maintain a Linked In Group to help us all stay better connected?

Chris Casquilho said...

Created a group on LinkedIn. Join away!!! Group name is "Emerging Upstate Arts Professionals". There's also a Facebook Group.