Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Emerging Leaders Want

Hi Emerging Upstate Arts Professionals!

If you have been following the Emerging Leaders listserv you will remember a question that was posed a few weeks ago about what emerging leaders want. Over a dozen emerging leaders from all over the country responded and all of the information was organized and emailed to the Emerging Leaders listerve by Marisa Catalina Casey, Founder/Executive Director of Starting Artists, Inc. in Brooklyn and posted to a google discussion board for the Pittsburgh Emerging Leaders Network by Tiffany Wilhelm, Director of Development & Membership at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council - Thank you Marisa and Tiffany for pulling all of this together!

I would love to hear what everybody thinks! What do you as an emerging leader want? What do you think about what emerging leaders around the country want? You can read the full post (it is long) by clicking this link:
- Tanya

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